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I am an active 30 year old (125 lbs) who eats healthy and exercises regularly. Regardless of how many squats I do, I have been struggling with cellulite since my mid 20ís. I have been self conscious of my thighs for many years now and finally decided to do something about it. I began researching non-invasive cellulite remedies and came upon ďendermologieĒ or lipo-massageĒ. After investigating Endermologie, I found that it is an FDA approved treatment that has been around since the 1980ís (in France) to increase blood flow, stimulate lymphatic drainage and remove toxins trapped by skin tissues. The motorized device gently folds the skin that smoothes the deep skin tissue, which in-turn reduces the appearance of cellulite. These are NOT my words, as I thought I would share what my findings were. After having an understanding of the procedure, it made sense to me to give it a shot! And, WOW! It literally feels amazing Ė like a deep tissues massage & I began noticing a change in my skin after 2 sessions (donít be discouraged though - many donít notice until 6-10 treatments). I have now completed 13 Endermologie Treatments and 2 Ultrasound Cavitation Treatments and can honestly say I donít think I have ever looked this good. My skin has completely transformed and doesnít even dimple when I cross my legs (you know what Iím talking about ladies J). I also started losing inches around the 10th treatment and am now 1-2 sizes smaller than when I began. This is not a treatment that supplements exercise, so I continued my regular workout regimen & didnít alter my diet.
Jenny Eck

Welcome to Lipo Cavitation Chicago

Ultrasonic cavitation or "cavi Lipo" (as every is calling it) is a safe, painless, non-invasive procedure for breaking down excess fat tissue in your body. And, best of all, it works.


No matter how you slice it, expert after expert agrees that the benefits of cavitation lipo are overwhelming - find out what Dr. Oz has to say!

No matter if you're looking to melt away a few extra pounds, or you've been struggling with your size for years, ultrasound cavitation is a procedure that can deliver results, fast. Beyond just eliminating fat cells it can also...
* Tighten and tone your skin
* Help define your musculature
* Decrease wrinkling

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